Google AdSense A Waste Of Time For Bloggers?

Recently, Jim Kukral of ReveNews left this comment to my Google AdSense On a Blog Update.

You’re less than 1% of blogs my friend. Your traffic proves it. Stop giving real bloggers hope with Adsense. It does not work for low traffic blogs, and that’s 99% or more of the entire blogosphere.

It’s a complete waste of time for 99% of the market.

I assume that when Jim refers to “real bloggers” he is talking about the 99% of the blogosphere with low traffic blogs. I guess that makes me an unreal blogger, which is OK by me. What doesn’t sit well with me is Jim’s statement about AdSense being a complete waste of time for most bloggers. If you’re looking to monetize your blog, AdSense is by far the best way to do it – especially if you’re small. Big ad networks won’t touch a small site so your only alternatives other than Google are CPA affiliate deals like

Jim Kukral is the founder of BlogKits, a CPA ad network for blogs. He promotes BlogKit by telling bloggers that Google is worthless and his system will make them way more money. I’m not a BlogKit publisher so I have no idea. Maybe someone using BlogKit can chime in with his or her experience. Traffic equal income. If you have no traffic, it doesn’t really matter what advertising network you run, you’re not going to make any money.

From my personal experience with CPA, I can tell you that they can be your most profitable pages if done correctly. My TTZ Hot Deals page sells over $200,000 of products each month and has an eCPM of over $100.00. However, notice the deals are done as individual postings and not banner ads. Banners ads do not work well with CPA deals and that’s what BlogKits offers.

Jim’s comment does bring up the point of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Everyone should look at alternatives to AdSense. My Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense post contains over 130 ad networks for you to check out. Depending on the niche you cover, you may find something that outperforms Google. On the other hand, you may discover that what’s good for the top 1% is also good for the other 99%.