Other Advertising Networks Besides Google AdSense

When bloggers think of online advertising, the words Google AdSense immediately pops to mind. Google had done an amazing job capturing the internet advertising market with the AdSense product. However, Google is not the only game in town. As a webmaster, it is your duty to seek out other ways to monetize your site. As we all know, putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t the smartest thing to do. Yet I have come across countless blogs with no other means of monetization other than AdSense. Even my own blog was running just Google until a few days ago.

I was discussing this problem with Bradford Liedel of ModemHelp.net and he came up with an interesting idea – why not make a list of all the online advertising opportunities that are available for blog and site owners? This list will be part of a new webmaster resource site that will feature discussions and ratings on the listed advertising companies. The site will be launching soon. In the mean time, I have decided to give you a preview of the master list. The list is pretty big at 130 companies. I wonder how many will still be around in a year or two?

*Disclosure notice – Many of the advertising vendors listed offers affiliate programs, where the affiliate will get a cut of the income earned by the site referred. I have decided NOT to place any affiliates links on this list. Why? Because I am just too lazy to sign up for the affiliate programs. I’ll probably be kicking myself later for not doing this.

Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

Shopping/Comparison Networks

“Non-Standard” Ad Networks (PopUps, Expandables, Pay Per Post, etc.)

Specific Demographic Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPC AND/OR Text Based/Contextual Ad Networks

NON-US Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

If you run an ad-network and we somehow missed you, then feel free to add your company in the comments. When Bradford launches the new site – which you will hear about here – he’ll be sure to include you on the final list. Please only do this if you are an ad-network. I will deleted all comments with affiliate links in them.
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