Five Star Blog Again – ReviewMe Fixes My Ranking

Two days ago, I wrote a post about Technorati playing favorites with their Top 100 list. Well, Technorati is still playing favorites and refuses to add me as a Top 100 blog, even though I clearly have a Top 100 ranking. However, I’m happy to report that ReviewMe has corrected their script that detects the Technorati rank.

The last time I went to update my rank, the ReviewMe script misreported my Technorati rank at 133 instead of 63. That reduced my overall ReviewMe ranking to four stars. It also pushed me down on the blog display list because the blogs are shown by star ranking.

I emailed ReviewMe and they said they would look into the problem and fix it. Sure enough, they did just that. My ranking has been fully restored and I am once again a five star blog.


It doesn’t matter to me whether Technorati list me in their official Top 100 or not. However, it does matter that ReviewMe gets my ranking correct because that directly effects the price I can charge for a review. I fully believe that one of the reasons I get so many ReviewMe requests is because I am one of only three 5-star blogs in the entire ReviewMe network (Shoemoney and Performancing are the other two). It also helps that my review price is less than many four star blogs. 😈