Eating a Big Pig Leg At The Vancouver Alpen Club Summerfest

The Vancouver Alpen Club is kinda like a sister club to the Austria Vancouver Club. Both clubs cater to German nationals looking for a taste of the homeland and both host an annual summer picnic. While the majority of the attendees were of German descent, the club welcomes anyone who is willing to pay the $5 admission price.

I’ve been so used to getting into events for free that paying any admission amount, no matter how small, seemed strange. Fortunately, I didn’t have the pay anything. It’s amazing how many events you can get into for free when you show up with a really fancy looking camcorder and a T-shirt that says, “John Chow’s Blogging This.” The lady at the front gate had a good laugh when I told her I was from Far East Germany.

The Summerfest picnic was held on the grounds of the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby and feature good old fashion German folk music, lots of beer and some really big pig legs, also known as a pork hock. I’ve had pork hock before but I’ve never seen a pork hock as big as the ones served at the Alpen Club Summerfest. It’s too bad Stephen Fung wasn’t there because it would have made a good challenge for him. I was able to finish my pig leg, with a little help from a 4-legged friend.