Tweeting for Beer at The Austria Vancouver Club

Yesterday, I was at the Austria Vancouver Club for its annual summer festival. Located in Richmond, the Austria Club is a place for Austrian nationals to hang out. It’s also a place where time stands still. The average age of club member is like 100+ and getting older everyday. The music, dance and food hasn’t changed in a million years. Saddest part of all. The club members have no idea what Twitter is.

The nice thing about attending the Austria Club summer shin ding is the food is good and they have Gösser beer. It was actually a great place eat, relax and watch the World Cup final, which was being projected onto the big screen in the main dining hall.

As I said before, the Austria Club is pretty backward technology wise. I tried to explain what Twitter was to a few people and they just didn’t get it. Finally, I just told them that it’s a place to get beer money and demoed it by sending out this tweet.

Tweeting for beer

After a while, I logged into my PayPal account and found $141 of beer money sent by Melvin Dichoso, Baker The Brand, Linda Toqe, Duane Storey, Durana Layman, Andrew Belakley, and Anonymous.

Tweeting for beer results

I showed this to the Austrian nationals thinking this will finally show them the power of social media. Their reply was, “What’s PayPal?”

Some days, I just can’t win.