Driving with John Chow – Episode 15 Branding and Marketing

On this, the 15th episode of Driving with John Chow, I kept the Mercedes SL550 in the garage and brought out my Lexus RX350. I figured I should mix it up a bit.

I used this episode to answer another common question that I get, which is, “I got $200 to spend on advertising. What should I put it on in order to make $400?” The amount varies, but the question is always the same: how do I make more than I spend?

In addition to answering that question, I show off the mic system I use that allows me to drive my Mercedes with the top down and not pick up any wind noise, and I give you a chance to win a few limited edition “I’m with John Chow, Bitch!” T-shirts.


Ken is with John Chow. Watch the Driving with John Chow episode below to find out how you can be with John Chow, and get a T-shirt to prove it!

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