Zero To Freedom In 15 Seconds

The following video is only 45 seconds long, but it carries a powerful message. That is we are all confined inside a box, and we’re trying desperately to get out. While the mechanics of “opening the roof” seems extremely complex and may require a degree in rocket science, the actual operation maybe as simple as pulling a lever that reads “open roof.”

Too many newbie bloggers and Internet marketers are trying to figure out how the roof works, when what they should be doing is using the roof to their advantage. It’s not the roof that is important. It’s the freedom that comes in after it’s open. It’s not the Internet that’s important. It’s the freedom the Internet can provide for you. Too many marketers are so fixated on the mechanics of the Internet, and figuring out how it works, that they forget what their final goals are.

You don’t need to understand how the roof of the SL550 comes down to be able to use it, and you don’t need to learn every facets of the Internet in order to make money from it. Like the Internet, the retracting roof of the Mercedes-Benz is designed to help you achieve one thing: freedom. In the Benz, freedom can be achieved in 15 seconds. The Internet might require a bit more time.

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