Driving with John Chow – Don’t Just Start It, Finish It!

Another day, another Driving with John Chow. This is episode 56. If you’re wondering why I’m doing so many episodes lately, it’s because I’m in a 90 day video challenge. I have to post a new video everyday for 90 days.

The video challenge is what I want to talk about for this episode. I think it will really highlight a success principle that you need to live by if you truly want to succeed in this business, or any business for that matter. You see, out of the 260 people that signed up for the 90 day video challenge, only 28 are still in it.

Most successful business people will tell you a key to success is to just start. However, I think an even more important key is to finish. Anyone can start. 260 people started the challenge, but only 28 are still going at it. Why can’t people finish? Watch this Driving episode to find out.

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