Driving with John Chow – The 90 Day Video Challenge

Two Driving with John Chow episodes in two days? Yep! And you can expect to see a lot more in the coming months as well because I’m taking part in a “90 Day Video Challenge.”

For the next three months, I have to post a new video every day. Does that sound like a lot? It doesn’t to me. I’ve averaged over two blog posts a day for the first five years of this blog’s life. Doing a video a day will be a cake walk. However, for the people who are in this challenge, I expect most of them to drop out within a week or two. I explain why in the video.

I won’t be posting all the videos on my blog. I recommend you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see my daily videos. If you enjoy my blog, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my videos.

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