Dot Com Pho – Lighter Than Air Edition

Last week, we held Dot Com Pho at Pho Bac. This week, we figured we’ll go next door and try out the competition at Pho Viet. It turns out there really wasn’t any competition at all. Both Pho Viet and Pho Bac at owned by the same person. It’s kinda like seeing a Best Buy next to a Futureshop. You think they’re competition until you find out that both are owned by Best buy.

This really wasn’t a bad thing since the pho at Pho Bac was really good and we would expect the same level at Pho Viet. That turned out to be somewhat true. The pho was almost the same but I have to give the edge the Pho Bac because of their steamy hot soup base. The soup at Pho Viet wasn’t as hot and some noodles were clumped together. Pho Viet also has the Pho Dragon Lady. She’s the meanest restaurant host short of Mr. Lan at Pho Lan. For all we know, she might have trained Lan!

For this edition of Dot Com Pho, we will show you how to make the already super light Apple Macbook Air even lighter. How is that possible, you ask? Watch the video and find out.

Vancouver Dot Com Pho: Geeky Talk Edition