Dot Com Pho – Safe Pho Edition

While the team in Vancouver went back to the birth place of Dot Com Pho, I went to Pho Bac in downtown Seattle to check out a real authentic Pho restaurant. Pho Bac is the kind of place that only connected locals would go to. It’s not a clean looking francise restaurant like Pho Hoa. The place looks more like a dive than any Pho restaurants I’ve been too. It’s located in an area with like hundred other Pho restaurants within a mile of each other.

Even with the competition, and the fact that they don’t take credit cards after 8PM and charge you 50 cents to use Interac, Pho Bac has managed to craved out a nice market share for themselves. Their secret is great tasting Pho. In fact, Pho is all they serve. There are no spring rolls or rice dishes on the menu. The menu is a board on the wall. Just tell them what meats you want in your Pho (there’s only five choices) and they’ll make it for you. It’s a good thing the Pho taste so damn good. I can’t see them staying in business with any other attributes.

We had a total of six people attend this edition of Dot Com Pho, which is a nice improvement over last week. However, this batch of attendees were not very adventurous. Everyone ordered the super safe steak or meatball only Pho. I was the only one going for the dangerous stuff.

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