Dot Com Pho – Drive Like Steve Jobs Edition

Welcome to the first Dot Com Pho Orange County! Originally, we had planned to do Irvine Cars and Coffee but when we got there, it was already over. So, we headed over to Pho Bac on 4250 Barranca Pkwy to do the first OC Dot Com Pho.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we did a few Dot Com Pho episodes in the Pho Bac in Seattle. However, I am not sure if the OC Pho Bac and Seattle Pho Bac is related, Judging by how much cleaner the OC Pho Bac is, I say they only share the name.

The first Dot Com Pho OC featured only Sally and me. Like I said, since we were planning to do Cars and Coffee, I never sent out any invites for this Pho meetup. Still, we had twice the attendance of last week’s Vancouver Dot Com Pho. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

On this episode of Dot Com Pho, we have Sally showing off her dolphin, Sally squeezing the lemon, very strange ice coffee, Pho prices in the OC, and how to drive like Steve Jobs. Enjoy!

Pho Bac on Urbanspoon

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Overpaid Luongo Edition

The Vancouver Dot Com Pho crew make their way to Bon Cafe on Main Street. They talk about the Vietnamese food, the Chinese spring rolls, the Vancouver Canucks, Roberto Luongo, and Apple’s business practices as it relates to Google Android and Steve Jobs.