Dot Com Pho – Sally Chow Is The Star Edition

After a few weeks in Vancouver, I headed over to Washington State to host another Seattle Dot Com Pho. Normally, I would try to feature everyone who showed up but Sally decided to steal the show. I could have called this episode the Sally Chow Show instead of Dot Com Pho since she was in more than 70% of the video – from walking with her froggy umbrella to demoing the new Apple iOS.

We discovered something interesting about the Seattle Pho scene. It seems like all the Pho restaurants are own by one person or one group. We found out a few weeks ago that Pho Bac owns Pho Viet right next door. Now we’ve found out that they also a own a bunch of other Pho shops in the International District. They all use different names so you think there’s competition but there really isn’t. It’s like a Pho mafia, which may explain why their customer service sucks – you can’t get Pho at the International District from anyone else!

On this episode of Dot Com Pho, we have Sally and the froggy umbrella, Sally showing the Apple iOS, Sally showing the gadget of the week, Sally playing with her iPhone, Sally mixing ice coffee and Sally doing pretty much everything else. Travis did managed to sneak in there to give a plug for the relaunch of his projet, My Big Give. Enjoy!