Dot Com Lunch – Looking for an Intern Edition

After being cooped up inside Pho Ba Co because of a heatwave last week, the Dot Com Lunch is back on the patio where we belong. Temperature was a perfect 75F, without a cloud in the sky. Awesome Dot Com weather.

We had a couple of firsts for this Dot Com Lunch. First, everyone who RSVPed didn’t show up. However, they were more than replaced by people who didn’t RSVPed, but showed up anyway! While that worked out in the end, we would prefer it if you RSVP and show up. This make reserving space for the lunch a lot easier.

We are also looking for an intern! That’s right, we’re hiring. Mind you, this is not a paid position. However, you will learn for free what others pay tens of thousands for. If you’re interested in an Internship, then watch the video below and then email me your resume.

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