The Dot Com Lunch – Apple Watch Edition

The Dot Com Lunch is normally held on the patio of Pho Ba Co. However, we had to dine inside the restaurant today because of the weather. No, it didn’t rain. The reason we had to go indoor was because it was too damn hot outside! While the rest of the country is freezing their buns off, Orange County is in the middle of a heatwave.

We had a record turnout of over 20 people attending this meetup. I like to think they all came to talk about the new John Chow dot Com redesign. However, I’m sure most showed up to say good bye to Deepa Berar. She will be leaving our little group, and returning home to her igloo in freezing Canada.

We also talked about the new Apple Watch, and whether you should spend a minimum of $10,000 to get the gold Watch Edition. As expensive that watch is, it still cost less than the new John Chow dot Com theme. What do you think of my new blog redesign? Your feedback is welcome.

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