Dissecting John Chow dot Com

Kumiko’s Cash Quests has posted one the best review of John Chow dot Com that I’ve ever read. Kumiko was able to get under the surface and really dissect how a Dot Com Mogul makes money online.

Look past the banner advertisements and see the posts where he thanks those who bought him a beer. Is it a “thank you” post, or is it an advertisement for the sites linked to in the post? Is it an encouragement for others to “buy him a beer” in the hope that may too receive a link from his site at cheaper prices than his regular advertising options?

Look past the AGLOCO posts and see the traffic that they generate. Does he care about making money from AGLOCO or will he make more money through the publicity generated simply by having such a large network? Does your answer change when I tell you that just one of my comments on one his AGLOCO posts has already sent me over 2000 visitors?

Look past his free e-book as a learning tool and see the affiliate links in the book. Does it surprise you that affiliate sales are the blog’s second-biggest earner?

Look past his review me for a link back promotion and see that the “batch” posts only stay on the front page for around 4 hours. Is his plan to receive more traffic than he is giving out?

For a limited time, Cash Quests is offering reviews of your site for $50 and I must say, it’s definitely worth every penny. The review has sent me 167 visitors from the Cash Quests blog. However, over 500 people read Cash Quests from RSS so I’m sure the real visitor count sent by Kumiko is over 200. If you don’t have the $400 it takes to order a ReviewMe review on John Chow dot Com, then a review on Cash Quest is the next best thing.