Thanks For The Kegs of Beer!

While I am always thankful when a reader likes my posts enough to buy me a beer, it seems that a few readers like this blog so much that sending me a pitcher isn’t enough. They are sending me entire kegs of beer! I like to recognize these keg donors.

Johns Wu – $88.88

Johns Wu is the current big beer giver. He sent me $88.88 so I can buy a round for the family. Johns is the webmaster at Bankaholic and I assume he sent me the big kegger because of the post I did about the Gold Amex card.

Danielle Nagami – $50.00

Most of you will know her as Ms. Danielle. Danielle sent me the $50.00 keg of beer as a thank you for running the Microsoft Zune contest, which she won. Ms. Danielle is now giving away the Zune in her own contest.

Melissa Surles – $50.00

I think it’s really cool that it’s mostly females who are buying me the big beers. Melissa is the owner of Private Link Sales, a marketplace where website owners can buy or sell text links in a simple, easy and direct process. Unlike Text Link Ads, doesn’t any commission on sales. Instead, they charges a flat fee of $2 to list a link for sale.

Now through August 1, you can submit a link for free. It maybe worth trying out.

Thanks For The Beer!

I think I will set up a Dot Com Beer and BBQ party this summer. Thanks to everyone who has sent me a beer. It really is much appreciated. One reader commented that’s it really funny for people to be buying beers for a blog that is making over $12,000 a month. You know what they say. The rich get richer. 😈