Deus Vayanne All-Electric Hypercar With a Bonkers 2,200 HP

In the past few years, the automotive world has been turned upside. It used to be the fastest cars you can buy were all sports cars. Now, the fastest car is a four door sedan that can carry five people and their luggage.

With 1020 hp, the Tesla Model S Plaid has redefined what is considered fast. There isn’t a single Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche that can keep up with it when the accelerator hits the floor.

However, a new bleed of all-electric sports cars promises to restore the automotive natural order. Future offerings like the Tesla Roadster, Rimac Nevera, and Pininfarina Battista all plan to put the sports car back on top of the mountain. They are joined by a new entries that promises to be the most powerful yet. Meet the 2,200 hp Deus Vayanne.

Normally, when a new auto startup shows off a crazy powerful concept, we tend to write it off as vaporware. However, the Deus Vayanne has two well known names (Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering) backing it up so it’s worth a serious look.

The Deus Vayanne touts some pretty bonkers specs. The zero-emissions ride promises a ridiculous 2,200 hp and 1,475 lbs/ft of torque. That’s powerful enough to rocket the car from zero to 62 mph in less than 1.99 seconds and on to a top speed of 248 mph. There are no details on what type of, or how many, motors are used. The Vayanne will be fitted with an 85 kWh battery that Deus claim will provide 300 miles of range.

Dues partnered with a couple of automotive heavyweights to help bring the Vayanne to fruition. The looks of the car was penned by Italian auto designer Giorgetto Giugiaro from Italdesign. Powertrain technology was provided by Formula 1’s Williams Advanced Engineering.

According to Dues, the looks of the Vayanne is based on symmetry and infinity. The exterior is replete with sleek, sinuous lines that are the same on both sides, while the front and rear grille are shaped like an infinity loop. Inside, the cabin sports natural leather, a digital instrument cluster and a “Halo Infinity Mirror.”

“At Deus, design is not merely about the looks, it is an integrated concept that reflects the marque’s main credo: to effortlessly combine exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment. To showcase this harmony, we chose to stylize the Vayanne around the idea of symmetry and geometric alignment of its lines and design features.” – Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at Deus.

To ensure that no two Vayannes will look the same, clients will be able to customize the color, trim and optional equipment to keep their example different from all others.

The Vayanne is limited to just 99 examples and is expected to roll out to customer in 2025. Price is $2.2 million, or $1000 for every horsepower. Nobody ever said restoring the automotive natural order would be cheap.