Content Really Is King

You know, it’s really amazing what adding new content to a site can do. As I have previously posted, I will be restarting both Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber to get the sites ready for the Q4 gold rush. Both sites have been collecting dust for months, not because I didn’t have the time to update them, but because I was just was too lazy to do it. Well, today I posted some new contents to each site and this is the result at the end for the day.

Digital Grabber Traffic Graph

As you see, the traffic for Wednesday – the day new content went up – is up quite a bit higher than the previous days. Laptop Gamers experienced the same traffic increase. As you can no doubt guess, income is up as well. Maintaining this kind of traffic level really isn’t that hard – it just requires a steady flow of content. Before I stop updating the sites, I got them up to nearly $2,000 a month in income. Why did I stop? Well frankly, I just lost interest in them. So I let them lapse and income went down to about $300 per month and stayed at that level. Some would say this is a stupid thing to do but I have the freedom to do stupid things.

Now that both Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber are back in business, I plan to update the progress and income levels of the sites as we get on the money train and ride into the Bonanza known as Q4.