Computex 2007 – Winning Stuff & Breaking Records


After that whacking good time with the air hammers, Thermaltake invited us to their Computex party (they told us to leave the hammers back at the hotel). The Thermaltake party is one of the best parties of Computex. They have good food, live music, open bar, basketball shootouts and some guy going from table to table doing card tricks.

Thermaltake is the only party that I know of where the CEO likes to sing for the crowd. Kenny Lin is one of the coolest CEOs in the world. Asia can be a very class divided society. Bosses are very stuck up and feel they need to separate themselves from the employees. Not Kenny. He likes to party with all his staff and no matter what level they are at the company, they call him Kenny and not Mr. Lin.

They Did It Their Way


Kenny and one of his European distributors singing My Way by Frank Sinatra. I would have sang with them but I don’t know all the words. My Way was followed by a sing along of We Are The Champions.

Some Guys Have All The Luck


Thermaltake had ten iPod Nano to give away. All 220 guests were given a raffle ticket when they came to the party. What were the odds that out of 220 people, we would win two of the ten MP3 players? I guess the statement, the person who least needs it always win it, is true. 😈

275 Points In Two Minutes


There was a basketball shooting game at the party. It’s pretty much the same as the ones you see at an amusement park. The game is a lot of fun and I was able to score a high of 145 points. However, I noticed the high score was a crazy 268 points. No matter how hard I tried, I never came close to beating it. So, I got evil with it. Watch the video to see how I racked up 275 points in two minutes.