Computex 2007 – Dueling Booth Babes

One of the coolest/funniest thing that breaks out at Computex every year are the booth babe duels. For whatever reasons, many companies schedule their product demos at the same time as the next booth. This results in two or more demo teams trying to out talk each other. It’s really funny to watch. Many times the duels end up in a draw. However, in the duel that pitted the Apacer babes against the Thermaltake babes, Thermaltake clearly won. No doubt because they were giving away free hammers.

The below video features the Hitachi demo babes going up against the Apogee demo/dance babes. I have to give the edge to the Hitachi girls because they were just damn hot. Part way through the video, you’ll see some roaming floor babes from AData walking between the two demo teams to try and make some show goers follow them to their booth.

Why don’t we have booth babes duels in North American trade shows?