Cobo Tablet Punch Unboxing and Review

In my last blog post, I unboxed and reviewed the Cobo Tablet Plus. Now, it’s time to do the same for the Cobo Tablet Punch.

Made from the same high quality 304-grade stainless steel as the Cobo Tablet Plus, the Cobo Tablet Punch is designed to keep your Crypto seed words safe and secured from fire, flood, and other natural and un-natural disasters.

The Punch is made up of a front plate (one-sided, words 1-6), a middle plate (two-sided, words 7-18), back plate (one-sided, words 19-24), and automatic center punch. You use the center punch to mark the letters that will make up your crypto seed words. There are three holes of varying diameter so you can lock the Cobo Tablet Punch with padlocks of various shackle size.

The Cobo Tablet Punch has three major advantages over the Tablet Plus. The first is it has no moving parts. Unlike the Tablet Plus, there is no chance of any of the letters falling out. The second advantage is setup and installation. It’s a lot easier with the Punch than the Plus. The third advantage if price. At only $24, you can buy two Cobo Tablet Punch for less than the cost of one Cobo Tablet Plus.