Cobo Tablet Plus Unboxing and Review

Made entirely of 304-grade stainless steel, the Cobo Tablet Plus is designed to keep your Crypto seed words safe and secured from fire, flood, and other natural and un-natural disasters.

Compared to original Cobo Tablet, the Cobo Tablet Plus is redesigned with a slot for each letter tile, as opposed to a slot for every four. This way, even if the 304-grade steel gets warped, letters tiles won’t budge from their frame. The Tablet Plus has 13 screws on each side to better hold all the letter tiles, as opposed to 3 screws on each side for original Cobo Tablet.

Designed to be indestructible with a fireproof threshold of 1399 to 1455°C or 2550 to 2651°F. As a reference, the typical house fires get up to 649°C or 1200°F. Because the tablet is composed entirely of 304-grade stainless steel, it is completely waterproof and resistant to various types of corrosion. The Cobo Tablet Plus sells for $49 and is available direct from Cobo or Amazon.