Click Here For A Random Post

I installed a new Plugin by WordPress Founder, Matt Mullenweg, call Random Redirect. What it does is allow you to link to a random post. Click here to see it in action. The URL to call up the random post is

The Plugin is extremely easy to install and use. Just upload the single php file to your WordPress Plugins folder and activate in your WordPress control panel. Then link to the random URL using text or image. I use the text, “Click Here For A Random Post” and placed it under my ReviewMe logo.

The Plugin has no options – it just gives a random post. Maybe in the future, Matt can upgrade the Plugin to give random posts based on categories or some form of weighting. As it stands now, it’s a cool little Plugin to get readers to check out a few more posts. The Plugin has a very StubleUpon feel to it in that you don’t know what posts you’ll get once you click the link.

Give me a try and tell me what post you get. I just tried it now and I got Pre-Computex Bash.

Source: TechCrunch