Pre-Computex Bash

Last year at Computex we started a tradition of having a get together with other fellow tech site owners on the day before the big show. The first one was attended by just a handful of fellow webmasters. This year was a lot bigger. Thanks to Gigabyte picking up the bar bill, a lot more webmasters showed up this year. It’s just like my yearly CES party – when the drinks are free, everybody comes!

Stephen insisted on his “manly drinks” and got one with the Hoegaarden. It’s one big beer! You can see the sweat coming off his head as he tries to drink it. He would pay for it as the night went on. No, he didn’t end up with any panties on his head this time.

Not to be out done, I tried a Hoegaarden as well. It’s not bad as far as beers go. It’s just a bit bigger than the average beer. I think Cameron had Rye and Coke all night long. I lost track on the number of drinks ordered. I asked the waitress for a blow job and then sex on the beach. She gave me both. Those are drinks, so get your head out of the gutter! Paid for events like these are great for trying out new drinks, because if you don’t like it, you can just dump it for something else. After all, you’re not paying for it!

I stopped counting the number of shooters after the 5th round. Or was that the 6th? Oh well. I much prefer these types of parties over the party that I throw at CES in Las Vegas. The reason being it’s a lot more private and I know everyone there. Over 200 people showed up to my CES party. We had about 30 people are the Pre-Computex bash, and I know most of them.

Computex is not just a trade show but it’s also a time for me to re-connect with friends and fellow Dot Com’s that I have met over the years. It’s by far the most fun of all the shows I attend every year. Thanks to Cameron of Tweak Town for setting this up, and a big thank to Gigabyte for picking up the tab!