Checking Out The CNE

The Toronto CNE is very much like the Vancouver PNE. The main difference is the name. Toronto, thinking they are the center of the universe, call their fair the Canadian Nation Exhibition while Vancouver’s is call the Pacific National Exhibition.

You would think that the CNE would be much bigger than the PNE given the name and the fact that Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. However, that is not the case. The PNE is bigger than the CNE in both sheer size and attendance. The CNE has a bunch of things missing that the PNE has, like the freestyle motocross show and outdoor BBQ chicken.

The only show both fairs have in common is the Super Dogs. However, the PNE out does the CNE again. The Super Dogs are the most popular show at both fairs. At the PNE, the dogs perform at the Pacific Coliseum in front of 10,000+ per show. At the CNE, the dogs take up part of one show hall with seating for about 3,000.

Despite its smaller size, we still had a great time at the CNE. The weather was perfect for a day at the fair. Both the CNE and PNE are open until September 1. Then the kids goes back to school.