Mmmm, Outdoor BBQ Chicken

One food I look forward to eating every year at the PNE is the outdoor BBQ chicken. This has to be one of the most popular eating spots at the fair. The chickens are cooked on an open BBQ pit using real coal. The smell and aroma is intoxicating. Get within 100 feet of the pit and you’ll suddenly have an urge to eat some chicken!

This was the line up to order the chicken. It was 100 feet long! I stood in that line for 30 minutes. The prices are not too bad – $3.75 for a quarter chicken and $7.00 for half a chicken. You can’t buy a whole chicken. The chicken itself is not really too big. I would rank the size as a big Cornish Game Hen.

The chicken stand is operated by Henry’s Chicken BBQ. I asked them if they had a retail store outside of the PNE and was told that Henry’s was a catering company and doesn’t have a store. That’s too bad because if they had a store then they would definitely be added to my roster of restaurants to dine at.