BloggingDosh – How To Destroy Your Reputation

In my Sept. 30 miscellaneous rambling post, I told you that DealDotCom posted a special on Marketing Graphics Pro for only $10. The price had been lowered from $17 the day before. Myself and a lot of other readers pick up the deal.

A short time later, Anthony Feint from made this following comment to the post saying that he had found the Marketing Graphics Pro package for only $7 and called the entire DealDotCom concept a rip off.


Anthony then went on to make a post on bloggingdosh calling DealDotCom a scam. The comment left on my blog caused CashQuests to make a post calling DealDotCom a scam as well. Both posts have since been removed. Why?

Exposing The Real Scammer

Anthony’s mistake was not realizing the reach of this blog. His comment caught the attention of the creator of Marketing Graphics Pro, who came on here and said that resellers are not allow to sell his product below $17 without expressed permission. Permission was giving to DealDotCom to sell the product for $10. However no such permission was granted to the site Anthony pointed to.

A little whois on “” and Anthony’s blog domain name “” revealed the following information. :
Administrative Contact:
Media, Flask
MyEzy Web Services
1 May Maxwell Crescent
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905
Australia :
Administrative Contact:
Enterprises, A.Feint
MyEzy Web Services
1 May Maxwell Crescent
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

Not only does Anthony own the site that was selling the package but according to the owner of Marketing Graphics Pro, Anthony isn’t even a reseller.

– (Anthony Feint domain name – see Whois data above) has this text at the top : “From : The Desks of Didier Faucher and Jack Sinclair”

– Jack Sinclair purchased a reseller license from me. I have his name in my customers list.

– Jack Sinclair runs (1 G – my site, the official site of the product is

– I don’t have Anthony Feint in my customers list.

– (Anthony Feint site) has the following text at the very bottom : “Privacy Policy”.

This text is linked to… which is Jack Sinclair domain name !!! If Anthony modified the link when you read this, here’s the Google cache page :

So for me there are 2 explanations :

Anthony Feint & Jack Sinclair are “friends”, and Jack gave away for free the product, the reseller material, and a reseller license to Anthony, which is not allowed.

Anthony Feint purchased a Personal License from an authorized reseller, and ROBBED the reseller sales site from Jack Sinclair. In this case this is absolutely scandalous ! Especially when you consider Anthony :

– Still sell my product.
– Called DealDotCom a rip off and made the buzz about that !

Upon finding all this out, CashQuests removed their post about DealDotCom and put up a new post about how they got scammed by Anthony Feint.

This is not the first time Anthony Feint has tried to pull a fast one. CashQuests busted him for stealing a FeedBurner counter from Blog About Your Blog and using it on bloggingdosh to make his RSS count look bigger than it really is.

For a blogger, his reputation is his most valuable asset and Anthony Feint just destroyed his. I hope he learns some valuable lessons from this. One of the lessons is to set up private registration on all your domains.

*Update – Jack Sinclair does not know Anthony, did not grant any reseller license to him, and believes it worth sending him a cease & desist to begin the process take that content down.