Miscellaneous Ramblings – 9/30/2007

Thousands of Marketing Graphics for Only $10

Today’s DealDotCom deal is the same as yesterday’s deal. However, they seem to have lowered the price to just $10. Marketing Graphics Pro offers thousands of pre-made and ready to use graphical elements for your website or blog.


The package normally sells for $37. DealDotCom had it for sale yesterday for $17. However, they’re offering it for $10 today so I’m going to pick it up. Expect some graphically appealing posts in the future.

Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass

The Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas is coming up in February 24, 2008. A summit pass cost of $949. However, good old Super Affiliate Zac Johnson is giving away a pass to one lucky reader. Here’s how to enter.

1.) Link back to this post from your blog. (5 entries)
2.) Post on your blog, why attending Affiliate Summit would be important to you. (15 entries)
3.) Reply to this post with a comment. (1 entry per commenter, not comment)
Bonus Entry:
4.) Write a Review on this blog and mention the Affiliate Summit Free Pass contest.
(25 entries + a Free MoneyReign.com T-Shirt)
(Blog review / post must be a minimum of 500 words)

How Top Bloggers Display Their Ads

Serverdome has an article on how the top bloggers display their ads. The article outlines 6 of the top bloggers pages and gives you the percentage of ads above the fold. I am number 1 at 27.86%. 🙂

The Prize Blog Steals My Avatar

Thanks to Aaron Cook for the head ups on this one. It seems The Prize Blog is using my avatar for their MyBlogLog profile. I never gave them permission to use my image and I think it’s a pretty low and dirty thing to do. They go around from blog to blog leaving my image in the blog’s MyBlogList list and the blogger thinks I visited their blog. Only when they click on the image do they realized that it was The Prize Blog and not John Chow dot Com.

I will give The Prize Blog 72 hours to remove the image. Their chance of ever being mention in this blog in the future is zero.