Blog Income Report – May 2008

This blog income report is going to be a little different than all the previous blog income reports. For one thing, I’ve been in China since May 12 to show that you can make money online from anywhere in the world. The biggest advantage with making money on the Internet is that it doesn’t tie you down to any one location like a job or normal business can. As long as I have an Internet connection, I can log on and make money.

Making money online from China proved more difficult than I thought. China has a great firewall that blocks many western sites. The Internet seems slower here as well. This has more to do with the fact that most of the sites I visit are in the US and the servers are there than it has to do with China’s infrastructure. How did being behind the great firewall of China affect blog income? It didn’t affect it at all.

Total Blog Income for May 2008: 227,705.80 RMB

Despite the difficulties of doing business in China, the blog posted a record high income of 227,705.80 RMB, or 228 times greater than the average monthly income of a Chinese factory worker. The income converts to $32,529.40 USD. Here is the breakdown.

  • Private Ad Sales: $16,380.00
  • Affiliate Commissions: $9,757.04
  • ReviewMe: $3,000.00
  • Text Link Ads: $2,036.22
  • Kontera: $1,000.00
  • TTZ Media: $329.50
  • Subscription: $20.00
  • FeedBurner: $6.64
  • Grand Total: $32,529.40

In April, the blog posted $29,569.05 in earnings. That was the lowest income report so far this year. It’s good to see things turn around. And I did it while in China to boot! The main things responsible for the record income level were private ad sales and affiliate commissions. Thanks to new sponsors like Neverblue Ads and Market Leverage, the blog posted record high ad sales.

Traffic to the blog went up to 323,435 page views from 183,633 visitors (let’s hear it for videos!). RSS subscriptions are at record high levels and should break 26,000 in the next few days. Blog expenses for the month went down to $225.87 for contextual advertising on Google AdWords and Bidvertiser. Hosting for John Chow dot Com is sponsored by BlueFur Web Hosting (that means I don’t have to have pay for it). BlueFur provides this blog with its own dual Xeon server and awesome service. I highly recommend them. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks to get 15% off any BlueFur hosting packages.

Make Money From Anywhere In The World

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Traveling the world and making money online. What could be better than this? 😎