AzoogleAds Welcome Package


FedEx dropped off a nice little welcome package from AzoogleAds today. Inside the box was two AzoogleAds T-shirts, an AzoogleAds Frisbee, mouse pad, two plastic pens and one really nice metal pen. The mouse pad got damaged during shipping and it’s not of much use anymore but everything else is fine.

I am not sure if all new AzoogleAds publishers will receive a welcome gift but it sure was nice of Audrey, my AzoogleAds account manager (every publisher gets their own account manager), to send me one. I’ve been exploring AzoogleAds offers and there are some really great ones in there. I’m going to set up several niche sites to take advantage of them.

If you applied to AzoogleAds recently and haven’t heard back from them, just hang tight because they have a huge backlog right now. So far, only one publisher that I’ve referred to them has been approved. Read my review and then sign up for the service. I have a feeling it’s going to be a big moneymaker.