Make Money Online With AzoogleAds

My quest to increase my affiliate income (it was my second biggest moneymaker last month) has lead me to rediscover AzoogleAds. AzoogleAds is one of the largest performance-based online advertising networks in the world.

AzoogleAds offers some of the best and highest paying affiliate deals in the industry. No matter what topic your blog covers, you can find a deal that matches your site. When the offer matches the readership, affiliate deals can make you more money than any other forms of advertising.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Four days ago, I posted an AzoogleAds deals for 250 free business cards to promote your blog. The reader gets 250 business card for free (they pay for shipping), which is a very good deal. However, as the AzoogleAds publisher offering the deal, I make money when someone orders up the free business cards. So far, the affiliate deal has made me $64.10. Not bad for one blog post. Once that page gets spidered by the search engines, it could make money for months/years to come.

The business card deal is just one of the thousands of affiliate offers you will find when you sign up for AzoogleAds. The sign up process is a bit long because they ask a lot of questions.

Meet Your Personal Affiliate Manager

Publisher relations seems very good with this network. Every publisher is assigned their own personal affiliate manager. My manager’s name is Audrey and not only do I have her email address in case I need to contact her, but I also get her phone number and AIM contact information.

The affiliate manager’s job is to help you select offers to run on your site. With thousands of deals available it can be overwhelming. Audrey has prepare of list of offers that she think would work well with my blog – instead of looking at thousands of deal, the list has been narrowed down to 20 or so.

They Try To Monetize Everything

Many of the deals are geotargeted. For example, the 250 business card deal was good for US, UK and Canada only. Readers clicking on the links from outside of those countries were greeted by a big smiley download ad. I didn’t like that at all and have requested that feature be turned off. While I can appreciate AzoogleAds trying to monetize every click for the publisher, readers have a right to get the page they think they’re getting when they click on a link.

Aside from that one negative point, I highly recommend you give AzoogleAds a try. I will be adding them to my recommended money makers page. I will post more on how to maximize income from AzoogleAds (and affiliate marketing in general) in a future post.

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