Affiliate Summit East – Touring The Show Floor

The Affiliate Summit East expo hall at the Hilton New York is where all the action is. Here, you can meet face to face with all the affiliate networks, find out what they offer and maybe score some free stuff as well. When it come to building relationships, face to face networking is still where it’s at.

The show floor is jam packed with people and getting around can be difficult. The noise level is very high so trying to film can be a challenge. Luckily, the DM100 mic I use for Canon HFS100 did a good job recording the affiliate managers while reducing the background noise.

With over 100 booths on the Affiliate Summit show floor, it is impossible to feature them all in this video. Therefore, I’ve limited the interviews to affiliate networks that I know or have a relationship with. Some of the companies featured include:

In addition to meeting the affiliate networks, the video shows me shooting rockets at people’s head. I can never resist doing that whenever I see rockets on a show floor. Enjoy.