Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Saj P

Saj P

The last day of Affiliate Dot Com Live! from Las Vegas continued with a presentation by another Clickbank guru with a one letter last name. Like Andrew X, Saj P makes money online by selling products on Clickbank. What’s the deal with Clickbank gurus using a single letter for their last name? Anyway, Mr. P is a 27 year old who was born in India and now lives in London.

Sai P started his presentation like most of the other presentations. He showed the lifestyle he was able to achieve because of the Internet. He showed his cars, his houses, his girlfriends, etc. Saj P claims he has trained over 100,000 people to make money with Clickbank, which is pretty amazing considering Clickbank has only 100,000 publishers.

Saj P says it’s really easy to make money online. There are only two steps.

  1. Have your own product
  2. Drive traffic

While you can make good money by promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate, Sai P says the real money is by offering your own products on Clickbank and have other Clickbank affiliates sell it for you. This is slide of his Clickbank business model.

Saj P

While the above business model is a sound one, Saj P did a disservice to the attendees by telling them to start out with what I call hit and run affiliate marketing, which is to buy traffic and send it to the Clickbank offer page. I’ve already explained why hit and run marketing doesn’t work in my Clickbank post.

Mr. P used some really one sided math and extremely optimistic conversion percentages to make the hit and run affiliate marketing model look like a big money maker. Saj P recovered a bit by recommending that you send the traffic to a presell page instead of directly linking to the Clickbank product, but then he couldn’t find the live example on his laptop.

Mr P. tried to do a live demo on what a CPA offer was but forgot the password to his Clickbooth and Copeac account (I guess he hasn’t heard of 1Password). He ended up using Offer Vault for the demo.

Like the rest of the presenters at Affiliate Dot Com Live! (except for Shoemoney), Saj P used the last 45 minutes of his 90 minute time slot to pitch his own $997 product. I kinda feel sorry for the speakers on the last days. I doubt the attendees have any money left after the endless $997 to $2997 product pitches from the previous two days.