Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Shoemoney


My live coverage of Affiliate Dot Com Live! in Las Vega continues with Shoemoney. Most readers of this blog will know who he is. Shoe and I have been good friends for a long time and I alway look forward to hanging out with him. Shoe was the one who invited me to Affiliate Dot Com Live!

Like the previous speaker, Shoe shared his story with the Affiliate Dot Com Live! audience on how he became the most influential person on the Internet according to Wired magazine. The answer may not be what you expect. Like me, Shoe attributes nearly all his success to his wife.

By using his influence, Shoe was able to leverage his brand to $10 million in just five years. Shoe offered some great tips on how you can create influence and use it to leverage your way to the Dot Com lifestyle. Some of the highlights include:

  • Always deliver value and don’t go for the one hit wonder.
  • If you’re not taking risk, you’re not creating anything.
  • How you handle adversity will determine your resolve.
  • Adversity creates opportunity
  • Move forward, fail fast.

The bottom line to Shoemoney’s talk is influence is all about creating value. The more value you create, the more influence you will create and the more money you will make. Shoe also pointed out that I’m charging way too little for my advertising so expect to see some big price rises soon. If you’re looking to advertise on John Chow dot Com, better do it now!

My live coverage of Affiliate Dot Com Live! will continue after lunch.