Affiliat Summit West – Rubbing Elbows & BBQ

On the last day of Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, we got together with some fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers at Rub BBQ. I was looking forward to trying this place out to see how it compared to the Memphis Blue in Vancouver. The answer is it didn’t compare. As as matter of fact, it wasn’t even close. However, that was OK because we were there to rub elbows and not BBQ.

Our group was so big that the restaurant needed two tables to seat us. The BBQ was a great place to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Everyone had a great time and we’re looking forward to doing it again.

The real value of the Affiliate Summit is not the conference or the show itself. The true value of the show is in its relationship building aspect. I place a very high value on relationships and it’s the number one reason I attend industry trade shows.

The Attendees


Paul Bourque of Uber Affiliate, the team from AffSpy, myself and Greg Morgan. Mr Gary Lee tried to get into the pic as well. He was partly successful.


Mr. Gary Lee, Danny Chang, Mark Wielgus from 45n5, Ian Fernando, Ms. Danielle, Andrew Wee, Reena and Zac Johnson.

The Rub BBQ Chopper

You got to love a chopper with a BBQ sidecar! However, I think it’s kinda hard to ride without a seat.



Mmmm, BBQ!