accessiBe Review: How to Protect Your Site from ADA/WCAG Regulations

Have you ever thought about how many people might access your site over its lifetime? Even if you are only getting a few hundred or a few thousand visitors daily, this adds up to a massive number over several months and years.

Now think about how many people might be trying to visit your site, but not able to use it because of a limitation or disability that they might have. This might only be a small percentage, but even if it was just 1% or 2%, that adds up to hundreds or even thousands of people that were simply pushed away and left with a bad experience.

If you knew people were having a hard time visiting and using your site because of a mobile-responsive site issue, you’d probably fix it right away. So, why are so many bloggers and site owners oblivious to their audiences with disabilities that limit site usage?

For the most part, it’s often because it’s not something we can accurately track or even think about. However, with the latest ADA and WCAG guidelines and regulations in place, it’s now a requirement for sites, brands and businesses to make sure their sites are accessible by all audiences.

To help with this process, accessiBe has created a web accessibility solution that can make any website, blog, ecommerce store or business site compliant in as little as 48 hours.

Let’s take a look at this new revolutionary solution, how it works, and how you can provide a better user experience in the process.

accessiBe Review: Making Websites More Accessible

With the implementation of the recent ADA and WCAG guidelines and regulations, websites of all types now need to make sure their sites are compliant and fully accessible by all audiences. This would be in reference to anyone with visual and hearing issues, conditions that can be triggered by different types of content, or even those with sensory issues.

However, even with all of that being said, there is no simple way to customize the look and feel of your site to cater to each and every person that comes to your site.

And this is something accessiBe has been focusing their efforts on for quite a while now. After frivolous testing, consulting with individuals that have special needs and working alongside Fortune 500 companies, accessiBe has created an artificial intelligence-powered platform that can make any site fully accessible to all audiences.

The way accessiBe works is quite advanced, yet seamless and beautiful at the same time. With their solution already running across more than 65,000 small business sites and industry leaders like Hilton, Billabong, Fiverr and others… it’s not unlikely that for you to have already come across their technology on a site you’ve previously visited.

How and Why accessiBe Works So Well

In order to truly appreciate how and why accessiBe works so well, it’s best to visit a site that already has the tool in action.

To do this, we could visit a site like Fiverr, where you will see a little disability wheelchair icon at the bottom corner of the screen.

If you were to click it, you would then see a window popup like the one in the screenshot.

With such a tool in place, not only does it provide a complete array of accessibility tools and features to choose from, it also allows for the site to never have to disappoint and shy away users again.

Of the features listed on this Accessibility Adjustments tool, you will find:

  • Screen-reader optimization for blind users
  • Keyboard navigation optimization for the motor impaired
  • On-page, live dictionary/glossary for people with cognitive disorders
  • Stopping all flashing animations to prevent epileptic seizures
  • UI and design adjustments for the visually impaired
  • And more…

And for business owners and brands that don’t already have such a solution in place, the set up and implementation process of such a feature on your site is likely easier and more cost effective than you think.

The process in which accessiBe works with their partner sites is quite seamless, and also offers no need for any technical or design skills. Instead, it’s simply a matter of creating an account, copying a line of code to your site and then letting the AI-powered platform do the work for you.

In as little as 48 hours, your site could be up and running with its own Accessibility Application, while also being 100% ADA and WCAG compliant. And best of all, if there are any new regulations or new laws that come into play, the application will automatically update from accessiBe’s end.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see accessiBe in action, it’s time to see how your site performs in their site accessibility tool.

How to Run an Accessibility Compliance Check on Your Site

To see if your site is fully compliant, all you need to do is visit the aCe accessibility audit tool created by accessiBe. It’s free and easy to use, and you don’t even need to enter any contact information.

Once on the site, you can enter your site URL. Then click on the “Get Results” button.

In just a few seconds time, aCe will run a quick audit on your site to see where it might be compliant, or lacking in full accessibility.

According to the tool, even a site like might not be fully compliant.

No matter what site you put in, it will be assigned a score and will also provide you with a full breakdown of areas that need improvement. Such areas and factors include clickables, titles, orientation, menus, graphics, forms and more.

If you run a compliance test on your site and find a bunch of issues in place, the accessiBe tool would be able to clean up all of these problems and make it fully compliant.

What is the Cost of accessiBe?

Having walked through the many benefits, features and working processes that accessiBe has to offer, one might think it would be quite an expensive service and application to implement on your site.

However, in comparison to the costs of hiring a custom designer and programmer to accomplish the same, it’s quite minimal. And when you factor in the legal costs of not having a compliant site, then you are getting into the hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

In fact, according to this recent Forbes article, “major corporations such as Domino’s Pizza, Nike, Burger King and Hershey’s” have all been subject to massive lawsuits in reference to ADA and WCAG accessibility laws.

With that being said, the actual cost of adding an Accessibility Application to your site is much lower in comparison.

The standard plan for websites with under 1,000 uniques per month is $490 per year. And if you have higher traffic levels, premium plans are available to address those needs, no matter how big your brand or online business might be.

Protect Your Site and Brand, While Improving User Experience

At the end of the day, the main goal for every business and brand in the world today should be to provide the best user experience possible. This is why most site owners should want to implement such a solution, and not to just avoid any possible legal action in the future.

The good news is, both of these issues are quickly resolved when getting accessiBe up and running on your site.

If your site and brand isn’t currently 100% accessible, right now is a great time to run a free compliance check on your site, while also seeing how a solution like accessiBe can improve your site experience for visitors across the board.