8,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Just seven days after posting about getting 7,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups, I have passed the 8,000 sign up mark. This is a 40% increase in sign up rate. I was averaging 100 new sign ups per day, but now I’m up to 140 per day. I expect to keep increasing the sign up rate as we get closer to the release of the Viewbar.


What I Did To Go From 7,000 To 8,000

Except for making a blog update at 7,000 sign ups, I did absolutely nothing! This is the beauty of system like AGLOCO. My network has grown beyond me. I cannot stop it even if I wanted to. I don’t have to do anything and the network is growing at a faster rate now than when I was “working it.” I can only imagine how much faster the network will grow once the Viewbar become available for download.

I stated in a past update that I was going to create a PPC landing page and spend $2,000 on promotions to sign up more people. I no longer feel a need for that. I have exceeded my goal for having 5,500 to 7,500 sign ups by Viewbar release time. I am now on cruise control. I’m just going to sit back and relax because my work is done!

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