The AGLOCO Effect

We have all heard of the Digg Effect or the Slashdot Effect, but the AGLOCO Effect? It seems AGLOCO recently sent out an email update to all members. The update highlights AGLOCO’s growth and goal of 10 million users by July 1st. 2007. In addition, the email ask members to sign up at least 5 more members in the next 30 days. That really shouldn’t be a problem. To help you in referring ways, AGLOCO listed a few sites to check out.

To help you we have also listed a couple of blogs that our Members have created to share ideas on how to obtain referrals, as well links to two successful Members who have over a thousand referrals.

Ideas site for ideas for obtaining referrals – sample emails etc.)

Two successful recruiters: (over 6,000 referrals) (over 1,700 referrals)

Two ‘fun AGLOCO sites’ (a Malaysian video in English) (A newbie diary)

The email, which is being sent over the next few days to an estimated 100,000 members, has provided a nice increase to blog traffic. I hope that the information on this blog will help you guys out.

I first wrote about AGLOCO back in Nov 22nd and is on track to hit 2,000 referrals within the next two days. That puts me at 2,000 sign ups per month. I am aiming to have 5,500 to 7,000 referrals by Viewbar release time.

I may do a blog series on referral methods if there is enough demand for it. I learn a lot from my AllAdvantage days and those recruiting ideas still work today. If this is something you want to see, leave a comment.

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