7 SEO Analyzer Tools Every Site Owner Should Use

If you are a website owner, you know the importance of analyzing your website. Using tech tools like Google Analytics and other online tools can help to some extent. But what should you do to make sure you get the best results with your website?

It’s wise to have some tools bookmarked that you can return to time and time again to analyze your site to see how it is doing online. It’s not enough just to use Google Analytics. That’s not to say that Google Analytics is not a valuable search and ranking tool. But it is just one tool. It helps to test out some other tools that can drill down to more specific results of your site from different perspectives, which simply aren’t possible through GA… or at least as easy to set up and track on your own.

To help with this process, today I’ve featured seven SEO analysis tools that allow you analyze your website in different ways so that you can optimize it in the best way possible. Look at the following tools and decide which one you align with most and use it to your advantage.


Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel’s online SEO analyzer allows you to type in your site URL and have it instantly analyzed with Neil Patel’s online analyzer. It is quick, easy and free to use and offers a real look at how your site is doing with your SEO.

Other benefits included within this site analyzer includes the ability to compare your website against three others within your industry. This will allow you to see where and why  your competition might be ranking better than you, while also giving you advice on how to improve your rankings in the process.

The tool also provides a full SEO analysis, content marketing tips, has a marketing checklist for prioritizing your promotional efforts and also a competitive intelligence report that keeps an eye on your competition and lets you know where and why they are currently ranking.


Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools is a quick link audit and analyzer that provides you with valuable information on your links that are connected to your site. It researches your backlinks as well as other links that you have referring to your site from different locations on the web. The site offers both a free trial and a premium package — rates will vary depending on site usage and report sizes.


Netpeak SEO Crawler

Another premium (free trial available) SEO tool on the market that is gaining attention, is the Netpeak Spider, which checks more than 40 different on-page SEO parameters of crawled URLS. In addition to checking for errors, the tool can also analyze incoming and outgoing links, find broken links and also notify you of any content duplication issues. All reports are also saved through the platform, while also offering an easy downloadable report as well.



SEM Rush

SEM Rush gives you a shortened version of Google Analytics in just a few seconds. Simply type in your URL and hit “Submit.” You will see a wide range of information about your site, including the number of active backlinks, SEO health status, and referrals from other pages. They have both a free and premium version with the premium version offering a few extra perks such as large numbers of keywords to track and more.



Serpstat.com is another SEO tool that allows you to track your results right on their site. You put your URL in the text box and click “Submit,” and you’ll see results fast. The only thing about this tool is that it returns results from search terms only. So you cannot type in a URL and get results. Instead, it shows you information from the other side of the search, so to speak.

You type in a search term, (preferably one you want to rank for) and see if it renders your website as a return result. By using this tool, you will be able to see how well your keywords are returning the result you want and it may give you some ideas on how to tweak this to make it work better for your site.


SE Ranking

Seranking.com is a bit more robust program than some of the online instant search tools, but you have to sign up to use it. It’s not quite as fast as the instant online search tools. But it offers you the ability to show your website’s ranking status with 100% accuracy, it offers a realistic website audit and gives a detailed marketing plan, as well as several other tools.

You can join a free trial that allows you to check your website’s rankings and keywords, build custom reports of your results, and access their marketing plan.

The full premium version allows you to keep all of these features and adds more ways to track and analyze your website’s traffic, rankings, and productivity.


SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is another quick and easy on-site analysis tool that checks your website for backlinks, SEO, and ranking results in a quick and efficient manner. The result it produces is a good overall view with some website statistics on how your site is doing, along with some areas you can zero in on for closer scrutiny.

Some of these solutions are helpful for their fast and free analysis that you can get just by entering your URL for a quick analysis. Other programs are more robust in what they offer and allow you to have many more features that you can use for a more in-depth and thorough analysis of your websites.

Improve Your Site Structure and SEO with Any or All of these Tools

No matter what type of website or content you are creating, it’s extremely important to realize that you are in competition with over a billion different sites on the internet. Yes, backlinks and social promotion are important, but putting in the time and effort to actually analyze and study different ways to improve your site structure and SEO plan — that is what’s going to make a huge difference in search rankings.

Take the time to view each of the SEO analyzer tools highlighted above and see which works best for you and your budget.

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