5 Killer Facebook Tools to Generate Brand Awareness

It’s no secret Facebook is changing the way people interact with your content and brand. With Facebook, you have access to tools that can streamline your content creation and marketing so you gain popularity much quicker than previously. However, many people don’t know how to utilize some of the tools they have available. Over the years, while doing research, I was surprised at the amount of people who didn’t know they had access to specific tools. These tools would have made it much easier for them to promote their brand quickly, allowing them to dominate the web. Either way, it’s never too late to start using some of these awesome tools available.

Let’s take a look at 5 awesome Facebook tools you can utilize to generate brand awareness.


Facebook Fanpages

This tool should be used by all bloggers and business owners to generate brand awareness. Setting up a fanpage is easy and can be done within your account for free. It’s a way for people to join your community so they learn more about your product and/or services. You can communicate directly with your followers, posting updates on content, offers, and changes within your business. Companies like GoDaddy.com, Aweber.com, and HostGator.com all have fanpages that they utilize to promote products and services.

If you don’t have a Facebook fanpage, then start by setting one up right away. It’s simple and can be done within minutes. Next, invite people who are already part of your following to like your page so you can start marketing to relevant people. Next,

Take advantage of Facebook Advertising to market your page and let people know your company now has a page. Depending on the options you choose, you can pay pennies per click and receive a large group of followers. Remember, once they are on your fanpage, you can engage with them several times without paying going further. They are like email subscribers, however, engaging within the Facebook platform.

Facebook Events

Here’s a quick definition about Facebook events…

“Facebook events are a great way to spread the word on upcoming events or occasions, since they are able to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time. The event also provides an “RSVP” list, which displays lists of invitees grouped by their response”

This concept works well with both online and offline business because you can schedule an event and quickly spread the news. A Facebook Event can be scheduled by anyone with an account so businesses find it easy to make use of the system. For example, GoDaddy.com can schedule an event to promote a new product or service to their followers. During the event, you can set the stage for a Q&A session to educate your customers at the same time. It gives a business more control and allows them to interact with customers in real-time. Next,

Your existing fans can invite others to join and understand what your business is all about. They can then ask questions, increasing the chances of them converting into long-term customers. The main objective of Facebook Events is to market quickly and efficiently to your customers while building brand awareness to new customers.

Facebook Places

An amazing system to let people know you are currently at a specific place and/or location with the click of a button, originally designed to enable its users to let friends know they are at the same place at any given time. For example, I can be at a rock concert and “check in” through Facebook, quickly posting an update. At the same time, someone in my inner circle can be at the very same place. However, it has evolved into something special, allowing people to quickly increase brand awareness.

Businesses start by setting up a business community or fan page. Next, when someone visits a business, they can log into Facebook, search for the businesses fan page, and hit “check in”. A message will be posted on your wall stating you are currently at this location. It’s a quick way to get the message relayed to your friends, family, and associates. It’s also an awesome way for businesses to promote their brand by having customers check in when they arrive. Here’s something that works well…

Offer a 5% discount for everyone who checks in. This will entice them to check in and market your business to all their friends at the same time.

Facebook Advertising

Earlier, I discussed how you can use Facebook Ads to promote your fan page. However, you can also use it to promote your company website. Instead of you linking to your fan page, you’ll set up your campaign to link to your website URL. Facebook Advertising is very effective if you know how to filter the options and track conversions. Conversions can be tracked through Facebook and Google Analytics. Before starting your campaign, make sure you are familiar with using them both.


When setting up your Facebook Advertising campaign, here are a few things to filter.

First, filter your audience by selecting the countries you would like to drive traffic from. If you are a country catering to U.S. customers, then it’s a good idea to narrow down to people who are located within the United States. Next, you can filter age group, which should, again, depend on the type of people you think will benefit from your product or service. Here are some other targeting options…

  • By interests
  • By behavior
  • Location
  • Connections

Facebook Advertising is great to increase brand awareness as you can target specific groups of people you know will engage with your product, service, or information. Remember, before setting up a campaign, test what works and always budget yourself.

Social Plugins

Social Plugins are not secret and everyone is adding them to their website. No matter if you publish content, sell products, or offer a service, social buttons are important for brand awareness. As you generate traffic to your website, you increase brand awareness. By adding simple social plugins to your website, you increase the chances of these same visitors promoting your business through their social profiles. Some people have connections to thousands of people, all of whom can be potential customers of yours. Make it easy for them to share your content or simply follow you through social integrations on your website.

Here are some tips…

  • Add them so they are visible
  • Have them both on top and bottom of content
  • Use a social scroll plug-ins to increase visibility as visitors read over content
  • Customize plug-in to list popular social platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

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