300×250 Embedded Ad Spot for Sale

I have the 300×250 ad spot for sale. That’s the ad you see on the right of this post. The 300×250 ad is embedded into the first two posts of the front page and into all single posts. The ad also appears in the first two posts of the full feed RSS. This is the only ad that shows up in both the blog and the RSS feed. All together, over 1 million banner impressions per month are delivered to this ad.

The 300×250 banner spot is the biggest and most visible banner spot on this blog. It is also the highest performing. Zeila Rich used it to make over $13,500 in five days by using the banner spot to promote her SGR affiliate program.

We’ve made at least 10 times of what we spent so far. We paid $1,250, and we made over $13,500 as of right this second with the SGR Affiliate Program. On top of that, we’ve had over 312 subscribers to our newsletter only within 72 hours. We still have over 25 days to go. The truth is this is the BEST ROI ever for me as an advertiser.

The first time the banner spot was sold, it was immediately flipped for a profit. It would have been flipped again for a mega profit but by that time, I had put an end to ad flipping.

Only Ten Spots Available

Your ad will go in rotation with nine other banners. This will help to counteract banner blindness that often happens when a reader sees the same ad too often. Price per banner rotation is $500 per month. In this case, a month is from October 11 to November 10.

If you’re interested in securing a 300×250 banner ad, PayPal $500 to johnchow@johnchow.com, and Email your 300×250 ad to same Email address. The banner can not be bigger than 25K in size. Animation is allowed but no Flash please. I expect all 300×250 ad spots to sell out so get your order in now if you really want it.