2008 TTZ Media Affiliate Dinner


On the last day of CES, I took the affiliates of TTZ Media to dinner. The dinner was originally scheduled for the Bouchon Restaurant at the Venetian, but they were unable to accommodate a party of 17 people during a CES night. Next on the list was Envy Steakhouse, but again, nothing was open. When you have a party of ten or more people, you have to go through the restaurant’s private dining division. What that generally means is the menu becomes a set-menu (no more 22oz Porterhouse) and the price skyrockets.

With over 140,000 people in Vegas for the CES, finding a place on short notice turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. In the end, we went to an old standby – the Buffet at the Flamingo Hotel. It’s not as fancy as Roy’s Las Vegas (we went there last year) but it had its advantages. The first was the Flamingo gave us an entire section of the restaurant just for us. I could have invited 50 more people and there would still be room. The food at the Flamingo is very good for a buffet. I really liked the prime rib.


From left to right: Michael Kwan, Michael Larabel, Justin Koziol, Alex Billington, Jason Landals, Shawn Knight, Josh Maronde, Bob Buskirk, John Chow, Ashley Donaldson, Stephen Fung, Danny Chang, Greg Morgan, David Lin and Colin Dean.

The CES is like our family reunion. It’s the one time of the year where TTZ Media affiliates get together and have a great time. After the dinner, we all kind a mingle outside the restaurant because nobody wanted to say good bye. This was our last night at CES and we won’t be seeing each other again until next year. The number of TTZ Media affiliates that attend CES increases every year. If this keeps up, I’ll have to book out an entire restaurant soon. I had a great time partying with you guys. See you next year.