First Annual TTZ Media Party

Last night, I took affiliates of TTZ Media out for a dinner party at Roy’s Las Vegas. Reservations were made for 6PM but Bob at Think Computers had to be play the fashionably late card. He blamed it on his crew, his crew blamed it on him. Next year, I think I will add a “Whoever comes last pays” clause to the invitation.

Invite Only Please

Because my party was listed on a few CES party lists, I had people tried to get an invite by emailing me, calling me, or posting comments in the TTZ Media blog. One even went so far as to call Roy’s and ask them to add her to the party list. We had a fun time watching uninvited people show up at Roy’s asking where the TTZ Media party was. Here’s a little clue for all your cheap ass members of the press; when a party says invite only, it means you have to be invited.

The TTZ Media Affiliates

It’s good to see a bunch of TTZ Media affiliates make it Vegas for the CES. Hopefully, more will be able to attend next year.






The Three Course Dinner

Roy’s is an award winning Hawaiian fusion restaurant. Started by Roy Yamaguchi in 1988, the little restaurant has grown into 34-store operation. Dinner was a set menu with three courses. Everyone gets the same appetizer and salad, and then choose one of five Entrée selections. Roy’s dessert sampler plate is also included.

The food at Roy’s is good, but for the price, many restaurants in Vancouver can beat it.







20% Tips Is Not Enough, Can We Have More?


As I expected, Roy’s added an auto gratuity to the bill. What I wasn’t expecting was the tip to be 20%. Most high-end restaurants add 15% to 18% tips to the bill if there are more than six people in the party.


You would think 20% would be more than enough tips for a restaurant, but when I got my Visa copy to sign, there was an “Additional Tip” line for me to fill out. We got a good laugh at this. I felt like entering minus $100, but entered zero instead.

They say Vegas is a tip town. Well, they are right!