2007 Affiliate Networking Dinner


The 2007 Affiliate Networking Dinner was a huge success. Over 100 affiliate and Internet marketers from as far away as Thailand made it to the Pacific Palisades hotel in Vancouver for a night of dining, drinking and social networking.

The event, now in its 4th year, is the brainchild of Ian Lee of the Affiliate Marketers Alliance. Ian did a masterful job putting the event together and was a great host. This is the first time we have attended the event and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Beside Sarah and me, fellow Saturday Pho Festers, Stephen Fung and Greg Morgan joined us. As for the rest of the 100+ people at the event. I didn’t know any of them (other than the host). However, some of them knew me because of the recent Vancouver Sun article. It is OK that I didn’t know anyone. That’s what a networking event is for. I met many like-minded affiliate marketers and got a chance to talk to some affiliate networks as well.

The Food


The dinner was a buffet created by Zin Restaurant. As buffet goes, it was better than average. If this were a Dine Out Vancouver experience, I would have score the food quality 2.5 out of 5 stars. Good thing we were not there for the food!

The Affiliate Marketer


Ian Lee of the Affiliate Marketers Alliance was nice enough to take some time out from his busy networking to take a picture with me. Ian’s a really nice guy and I’m sure I’ll be doing some business with him in the future.

Some Guys Have All The Luck


The event’s platinum sponsor, Millnic Media, offered up a 30GB Microsoft Zune as a draw prize. Of course, I won it. You know what they say: some guys have all the luck 🙂