In The Vancouver Sun Today

You can find an article about me in today’s business section of the Vancouver Sun newspaper. I’m on page D3 with a tag line that reads, “Part-time labour of love online brings in some cash.”


The Vancouver Sun is the largest newspaper in BC, with a daily readership of nearly 500,000. You can read the full article by clicking on the above image. I did the interview and photo session last Friday. The Sun photographer told me I was going to be in the next day’s edition but that turn out to be incorrect.

The photo session was an interesting experience. The photographer needed to get a blogging theme so I recommended we go into my office and use the dual 20.5″ wide screen Dell LCDs. In order to get my blog and the Text Link Ads (aff) income page to show up on the photo, I had to reduce the resolution of the LCDs to 800×600. It looked really weird on the screens but it came out great in the photo. Too bad I couldn’t con the photographer into giving me a copy of the photo. The Sun enforces a strict copyright on the work of their photographers.

This is the second time I have appeared in a major newspaper. The first time was back in the summer of 2000 when I did an interview and photo session with Canada’s biggest newspaper, The Globe & Mail. However, I think being in the Sun is better because more local people read the Sun than the Globe.