2 Must-Have WordPress Plugins I Researched For You

I love wordpress CMS.

My reason: I can access thousands of useful plugins that can enhance my blog.

Don’t forget that 87% of these plugins were developed by Bloggers who knows what they’re doing.

Those entrepreneurial bloggers understands the challenges in the blogosphere. And their products are here to address them, one by one.

As a rule of thumb, you should limit the number of plugins you’ve installed.

But it doesn’t hurt to have the best that could make blogging a lot fun.

Let’s quickly look at the 2 Must-Have wordpress plugins I personally researched for you.

1.    Wordpress Online Backup Plugin

No blog is exempted from external attacks. It doesn’t matter the level of security you’ve employed to protect your blog.

You MUST continue to harden your database, against bruteforce attack and other threats, so as to prevent hackers from penetrating.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to backup your files. It was a sad experience when I started blogging. My blog was hacked twice and all I could see was a ‘dark background’ with some ugly inscription.

I was about giving up on blogging, but thank God I didn’t eventually. The wordpress online backup plugin is simple but very effective. Use it.

As a rule of thumb, learn how to restore backups. Bear in mind that free backup plugins are not as effective as paying a team (company) that can secure your blog database.

With a tiny budget of $15 – $45/month, you can get a good backup system from codegarage, vaultpress, backup buddy etc.

But if you can’t afford the monthly subscription fee, download the WordPress online backup plugin here.

2.   Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

I believe in organic traffic because it’s the most targeted.

Prospects and blog readers who visit your blog through the search engine can easily take action. Because they actually typed strings of words (key phrases) to locate your webpage. In other words, they’re pre-sold on what your blog is about.

The Yoast SEO plugin works excellently well, because it analyses keywords to check if they’re well optimized for the content itself.

A lot of bloggers’ focus is on the title alone. But the URL is equally important and that’s what the Yoast SEO plugin supports.

All in one SEO pack is the #1, but I prefer Yoast’s. When you install it, you’d discover how flexible it is – it has a feature that lets you track your post length.

If your post is too short, this plugin can help you increase its counts. And consequently, make the content SEO friendly. Download Yoast wordpress SEO plugin here.

Extra tip for you

Did you know that having too many plugins can actually slow down your blog’s speed? Here’s a simple homework: Log into your wordpress dashboard > plugins > installed plugins.

Check if there is any plugin you’ve installed, but didn’t activate. Or even if you activated it, do you think it’s “that” useful? Does it help your content, navigation and promotion in any way?

I see a lot of bloggers downloading and installing any new plugin they could find. Most of the time, the new plugins are just a replica of the old ones, except with few tweaks.

Keep your database clean. This single homework could increase your blog’s load time by 57%.

Did you recently discover a useful wordpress plugin? Please share the name below, not the direct link. Because I’d use the name to search for it. See you at the top!

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