2 Days till 2006

There was a power outage at NetNation today and it knocked out my database server for four hours. That really upsets me. One of the reasons I moved to NetNation and set up my own servers in their collocation center was to avoid downtime. Considering what I pay to have those servers hosted, four hours of down time is simply not acceptable. At least the outage happened during the early mornings when traffic was not that busy.

I met up with Carl at Golden Award for lunch today. We haven’t gone there for months. I ordered some deep fried chicken wings and lemon ice tea because I really wasn’t that hungry – just wanted a snack. The lunch was good and only cost $4.00 with a free refill to boot.

Tonight I am going bowling. Yes, bowling. We reserved a couple of lanes at The Zone Bowling Centre for 10 people. I use to be a big bowler in another life. I still have my custom made Rhino bowling ball that I’ll be dusking off and throwing down the lanes. This should be fun. I haven’t been bowling in like a decade. I hope I still remember how to hook the ball.