14,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

Just ten days after my last AGLOCO update, I’ve added another 1,000 new sign ups to my AGLOCO Network. This is like my Make Money Online review – it just doesn’t stop! Right now, it doesn’t matter what I say or do, the network will keep growing. That’s the power of the network marketing.


Email From AGLOCO

By now, everyone should have received this email from AGLOCO.

We will be releasing the AGLOCO Viewbar software soon and want to update Members on how things will work when it is released.

Each Member will get an email informing them that their Viewbar is available. It will contain detailed instructions on the download, which will be done from the agloco.com website. Members will be invited to download in groups of 50,000 a day for a two week period, with Members contacted in the order in which they signed up.

Shortly before the first set of download emails go out, you will receive an email notice that the AGLOCO website will be ‘out of service’ for a few hours – this is necessary for us to move the Viewbar download system from the test server to the main servers.

Fifty thousand per day for a two-week period means AGLOCO has over 700,000 members. That kinda makes my 14,000 seem small. Since that email, there has been a few other updates on the AGLOCO company blog. All indications are that the Viewbar should be available for download next week. We’ll just have to wait a see.

On another note, I did some surfing to a bunch of sites that were for and against AGLOCO. Both sides don’t see eye to eye on much about AGLOCO. The only thing they seem to agree on is, “Whatever happens, John Chow will win.”

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