13,000 AGLOCO Sign Ups

You know what the coolest thing about AGLOCO is? You go on vacation to see family in Toronto. You have a great time, take a side trip to Montreal and Quebec City, fly home, check your AGLOCO stats and find it went up by another 2,000 referrals. I guess I’ll have to skip my 12,000 sign ups update since I blew by it so fast.


Where Is The Viewbar?

That is the number one question on everyone’s mind. AGLOCO has stated that the Viewbar was slated for release between April 2 – 16. Now they’re saying it’s “days away.” In the past, I has stated my desire to have AGLOCO delay the Viewbar so I can sign up more people. There’s less competition when there’s no Viewbar. However, now that I have over 13,000 people in my network, I think I want to see the Viewbar.

According to AGLOCO, the current problem is getting the Viewbar to talk to the ad server. There’s no use letting members download the Viewbar if it can’t show any ads. Hopefully, this problem gets resolved quickly and there’ll be no other delays. AGLOCO says it’s still on track for an April release. I can see members starting to get tire of one excuse after another so it better be released this month. I think it’s time I do another conference call with Akshay Mavani.

I Have Already Made Money From AGLOCO

Promoting AGLOCO has been really good for this blog. I have already made money from it. How can I do that when there’s no Viewbar? I am listed as a resource in AGLOCO’s Referral center page. So far this month, that page has sent me 3,407 readers and 6,712 page views. That’s enough to make AGLOCO the number one referring site outside of Google.

This blog has a site wide eCPM $27.26. That means I make $27.26 for every 1,000 page views. AGLOCO sends me 9,000 to 10,000 page views each month. That’s an extra $245 to $270 of blog income that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t promote AGLOCO. Once they release the Viewbar, I’ll be able to add to that total.

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